One of the most common questions we get about piano lessons for adults is: “Can I learn to play the piano?  我是不是太老了?”.  Certainly, there are benefits to learning the piano at a young age. 一些优势包括肌肉记忆和身体灵活性, 但除非成年学生打算从事音乐会, there are no limitations to learning other than those put upon themselves.  It is entirely possible to learn simple beginning, intermediate, and advanced level pieces. 事实上, it is quite possible that adult students are able to learn better than children in some cases. This is because some of the concepts necessary to understand music and learn to play the piano are complicated and intellectual.   These concepts can be hard for a young child to grasp, but easy for the adult student. 另外, 多年来,成年人已经学会了如何有效地学习, and are usually better at the process of learning than say a 5 or 6 year old child. 另外, 通常成年人的手眼协调能力比儿童好, and makes it easier for them to get faster results in their lessons.   Where then does the misconception come from, that it’s much harder to learn as an adult?




这并不是说成年人学得慢, but that they tend to stop practicing or stop lessons much faster than kids.  这部分是因为他们的生活事业, 但也可能是由于自我怀疑, 还有作为初学者的不舒服的感觉.  因为我们和成年学生一起工作, one of our goals is to make sure they have a positive viewpoint of their potential and their progress. 甚至可能比儿童还多, it’s necessary for instructors to make clear goals for their adult students and to help educate them on the process of creating their own “Healthy” goals.  “Healthy” goals, involve setting the expectation bar just high enough. 如果期望过高,学生可能会不知所措, 另一方面, 如果练习太舒服, (不是真正挑战自己), 他们感觉不到成长,最终想要停止.




The feeling of growth and momentum is what keeps people excited about any subject.   In piano lessons for adults, the instructor must be especially delicate. Many adult students have achieved great things in their personal lives or careers, but now find themselves at the very beginning of the learning process with the piano.  The instructor needs to be sensitive to the ego of the adult student, but it also helps if the adult student can learn to not take themselves too seriously, 享受做初学者的乐趣, 又像个孩子. Although adult students may be more capable of intellectually understanding musical concepts music theory etc., it’s very important that the instructor focus on the music that they like.  It’s much easier to motivate someone to learn a song they really love rather than just an exercise. It’s the job of the experienced instructor to guide the process to make sure the student is getting a combination of technical exercise and fun songs to keep them excited.




We get it that life can often get in the way of a pattern of practicing. 我们也知道,最好的结果来自于一致性. There are some things that the adult student can do to help improve their results. 第一,每天在同一时间练习. Pick a time that you are least likely to find yourself having conflicts such as early morning or late at night. Inform your loved ones and those close to you about your plan and put it on your calendar. Consider this your me time a time that you can focus on bettering yourself rather than getting distracted by others and their needs. In thinking this way and practicing this way music becomes and almost meditative way to calm your nerves from the challenges and pressures of life and to focus on music.   




Pay attention to the inner voice in your head that might be judging you.  Many adult students can be too harsh with themselves as they begin the process. Often they might believe they should be learning faster or they didn’t get the instructions just right from the teacher etc.. These negative thoughts and ideas can be discouraging overtime and it’s important to change that self talk into something positive. Example and adult student might replace the phrase oh I’m never going to be good enough with how can I improve this part? By paying attention and being an observer of both your practicing and your thinking process you’ll find practicing becoming a discipline that is useful not only to learning an instrument but to achieving any life goals.




参加成人独奏会. 许多成年学生羞于在彼此面前表演. 然而,这样做为成年学生创造了一个伟大的目标, helps them to get over some of their fears and insecurities about possibly failing in front of their peers, and ultimately in most cases causes them to get a boost of excitement about their progress and about their potential. Here at Angeles Academy we have created a fantastic adult recital which is designed to cater to adult students who may be nervous about performing. The recital includes wine and cheese and friendly conversation in a warm environment that encourages each student.




还记得, after teaching thousands of piano lessons for adults we have found that adults can learn just as fast as children and sometimes faster, 但他们往往过早放弃, and sometimes self-sabotaging because of a belief that they should be learning faster.  There was something that drew the student to want to learn the piano, 这导致他们在繁忙的日程中挤出时间, 还要支付昂贵的课程费用. We advise adult student that they owe it to themselves to not quit, but persevere through any challenges and talk with your instructor.   通常他们可以帮助你调整你的目标, 或者找出阻碍你前进的精神障碍.

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